About Us

ShenChuan Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in the year of 2004 in Shenzhenwe focus onProviding high-quality LED lighting solutions for full house customization.

We create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for our furniture through wonderful lighting design . And then showing a refined and convenient home lifestyle .In 2010,we cooperated with our domestic first-class furniture design and professional lighting companies to create the furniture lighting companies to create the furniture lighting brand Artcilux .

We mainly concentrate on the production and research and development of furniture lighting products such as wardrobe and cabinets and bathroom furniture and so on . At present,our furniture lighting system serves many furniture and closet brands ,including the top ten listed companies in china .

Our professional lighting R&D team will work with customers together to innovate and provide better solutions for home lighting .At the same time we devote more energy to the field of smart home hoping to help designers to create more outstanding home environment in the future .

Artcilux helps to create the good life light up for maserpiece